Web Browsers Software

  • UC Browser Icon

    Fast and secure with add blocking modern web browser.

  • Chedot Browser Icon

    Unique web browser designed for better download from torrent and video streaming sites.

  • Maiar Browser Icon
    Elrond Ltd(Freeware)

    Browse faster, enjoy an ad-free web and stay private and secure.

  • Brave Browser Icon
    Brave Software(Freeware)

    Browse faster by blocking ads and trackers.

  • Waterfox Icon

    A free, open and privacy focused web browser built for you.

  • Internet Explorer 11 Icon

    The old web browser from Microsoft which is replaced by Microsoft edge on Windows 10.

  • Opera Browser Icon
    Opera Software(Freeware)

    Free windows and also cross-platform internet web browser with a built-in ad blocker and VPN, more speed and privacy. 

  • Colibri Browser Icon

    Fast, efficient, and uncluttered web browser.

  • Torch Browser Icon
    Torch Media(Freeware)

    Web browser with built in media grabber, torrent downloader, media player, facebook themes and more.

  • Vivaldi Icon

    A new browser with unrivaled customization and control which is fast, secure and flexible.

  • Puffin Browser Icon
    CloudMosa(Free Trial)

    A secure web browser to browse the internet via cloud for more security and privacy.

  • Sleipnir Browser Icon

    A tabbed web browser developed by Fenrir Inc.

  • Polarity Icon

    A fast browser built for efficiency and privacy.

  • Basilisk Icon
    M.C. Straver(Freeware)

    Modern, full-featured web browser, aims to retain useful technologies that its sibling Firefox has removed.

  • Ghost Browser Icon
    Ghost Browser(Free Trial)

    The web browser that makes you more productive with dedicated work spaces which helps you focus and #gsd.

  • Cent Browser Icon
    Cent Studio(Freeware)

    Enhanced web browser based on Chromium with many convenient features like super drag, mouse gesture, scrollable tab bar, advanced browsing options and more.

  • Slimjet Icon

    A clean and ad-free web at blazing speed with the fastest web browser ever.

  • Rambox Icon

    A workspace browser that allows you to manage as many applications as you want, all in one place.

  • Cliqz Icon
    Cliqz (Freeware)

    Web browser with built-in quick search and integrated privacy protection: anti-tracking, anti-phishing and ad blocker.

  • Blisk Browser Icon

    The first developer-oriented browser.