Internet Tools Software

  • WiFi Password Recovery Pro Icon
    XenArmor Security(Free Trial)

    Enterprise Software to help you instantly Recover as well as Remove all the Wireless Passwords with just a click of button.

  • AOL Desktop App Icon

    An easy to use, all-in-one desktop you know and love with mail, browsing, search, content.

  • Octoparse Icon
    Octopus Data(Freeware)

    Quickly scrape web data without coding and turn web pages into structured spreadsheets within clicks.

  • Baidu WiFi Hotspot Icon

    Turn your PC into WiFi hotspot for mobile devices.

  • MyLanViewer Icon
    S.K. Software(Free Trial)

    Powerful Netbios and LAN/Network IP address scanner for Windows, whois and traceroute tool, remote shutdown and Wake On LAN (WOL) manager, wireless network scanner and monitor.

  • Retroshare Icon

    Establish encrypted connections between you and your friends to create a network of computers for forums, channels, chat, mail.

  • HandyCafe Icon
    Ates Software(Freeware)

    For Internet Cafes, Libraries, Schools, Militaries, Business Networks, Home Users, Goverments, Hotels and etc.

  • SniffPass Icon
    Nir Sofer(Freeware)

    Small password monitoring software that listens to your network and capture the passwords that pass through your network adapter.

  • dot11Expert Icon
    KC Softwares(Freeware)

    Troubleshooting software for your WLAN (Wifi network).

  • Overseer Network Monitor Icon
    Sensible Software(Free Trial)

    Server monitoring software that monitors your IT resources and sends you an Email or text message if they are unavailable.

  • LanSend Icon
    LizardSystems(Free Trial)

    Invaluable tool for system administrators for sending out instant messages to network users.

  • EMCO Network Inventory Icon
    EMCO(Free Trial)

    Get information on hardware and software assets across a network and generate clear inventory reports.

  • VS IP Monitor Icon
    Milan Kovac(Free Trial)

    Monitors IP devices through pinging, checking TCP ports or HTTP(S).

  • IPNetInfo Icon
    Nir Sofer(Freeware)

    Allows you to easily find all available information about an IP address.

  • Hosts File Editor Icon

    The program allows editing hosts file.

  • Find MAC Address Icon

    Tool for finding the MAC address of computers on the network.

  • Ron’s WebLynx Icon
    Aaron Stewart(Freeware)

    Powerful link organizer to manage 100's (or 1000's) of websites links: take control of your internet!

  • SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager Icon
    SoftPerfect(Free Trial)

    Bandwidth limiter and traffic shaper for Windows.

  • NetWorx Icon
    SoftPerfect(Free Trial)

    Bandwidth monitoring and data usage reports for Windows.

  • SoftPerfect World Route Icon

    Find out what gateways your data goes through and how fast it travels.