Games for Windows 10

  • Classic Solitaire Icon
    Latest Card Games   Freeware
    Classic 2D Solitaire card game for Windows.
  • Traffic Rider Icon
    Latest Version Racing Games   Freeware
    First-individual driving game where you get behind the handlebars of a cruiser and drive at full speed through activity.
  • Prison Game Icon
    Latest Version Action Games   Freeware
    3D horror game. Collect 8 photos and escape from a prison while avoiding the Slenderman.
  • 900 Chess Puzzles Icon
    Latest Version Puzzle Games   Free Trial
    Learn and practice chess tactics. The winning motifs of all chess puzzles are explained in the puzzle solutions.
  • SolSuite Icon
    Latest Card Games   Freeware
    A high-quality collection of 702 solitaire card games.
  • BVS Solitaire Collection Icon
    Latest Card Games   Free Trial
    Spider, FreeCell, Tri-Peaks, Seahaven Towers, Pyramid, Forty Thieves, Klondike, Scorpion, Accordion, Canfield, Russian Solitaire, Flower Garden, Casket, Golf, Crazy Quilt and Yukon.
  • Gears 5 Icon
    Latest Action Games   Shareware
    Third-person shooter video game with great graphics.
  • League of Legends Icon
    Latest Action Games   Freeware
    Multiplayer online battle arena video game.
  • Minecraft Icon
    Latest Adventure Games   Free Trial
    A game about placing blocks and going on adventures.
  • PUBG (Tencent Gaming Buddy) Icon
    Latest Action Games   Freeware
    Tencent Gaming Buddy acts as a PUBG emulator to run the game with full control and options on your PC and Laptop.