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ExtraBits File Explorer Extension

ExtraBits File Explorer Extension 64 bit Download [Free]

Download ExtraBits File Explorer Extension for Windows 11 64 bit and 32 bit. Install ExtraBits File Explorer Extension latest (2022) full setup on your PC and laptop from FileHonor.com (100% Safe).

Short Description

ExtraBits is an extension for the File Explorer application that comes with Windows (Note: this was called Windows Explorer in earlier versions of Windows). It adds a number of time-saving commands to the context menu that appears when you right click on a selection of file or folders.

Key Features

Copy Filenames

Copies the names of the selected files or folders to the Windows clipboard. Hold down the SHIFT key while selecting this command to copy the full paths to the selected files or folders.
Copy Filename

with Options Brings up a dialog that lets you set what file attributes are copied, such as file size and last modified date. Also lets you format the text generated by adding newline, spaces and other text.
Paste Filename

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Renames a file or folder with the text on the clipboard.

Multi Rename

Lets you rename many files or folders at once. You can change any text they have in common, and add a prefix or suffix. If the names contain numbers, you can renumber or add/remove leading zeros. You can even copy the names to your favorite text editor for editing, and then paste back in the new names.

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Extract Folder

Moves all the files and subfolders out of the selected folder, and then deletes the (now empty) folder.

Delete Empty Folders

Scans the selected folder for empty folders, and lets you delete them.

Configure ExtraBits

Lets you configure which of the ExtraBits commands are shown, and whether they are shown in the ExtraBits sub-menu, or in the main context menu. This allows you to hide commands that you never use, to avoid cluttering the menus.

How to install the latest version of ExtraBits File Explorer Extension:

  1. Download ExtraBits File Explorer Extension setup file from the above download button
  2. Double click on the downloaded setup file
  3. A smart screen will appear asking for confirmation to install the software, Click "Yes"
  4. Finally, follow the installation instructions provided by the setup file

How to uninstall - remove - ExtraBits File Explorer Extension from Windows 11?

  1. Open Windows Start Menu, then open Settings
  2. From Settings >> Open Apps section
  3. All installed apps appear, then navigate to the desired app and click Uninstall
  4. Confirm, and you are done

ExtraBits File Explorer Extension Technical Details

  • Main Category: File Manager
  • Operating System Support: Windows 11
  • Usability: Freeware
  • CPU Architecture Support: 64 and 32 bit
  • Version Update Number: Latest
  • Last Checked: 2022-08-04

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