Databases Software

  • Stellar Repair for MS SQL Icon
    Stellar(Free Trial)

    Database repair software recommended by MS SQL Administrators and tech communities worldwide.

  • dotConnect for SQLite Icon

    ORM enabled data provider for SQLite that builds on ADO.NET technology to present a complete solution for developing SQLite-based database applications.

  • dotConnect for PostgreSQL Icon
    Devart(Free Trial)

    ADO.NET data provider for PostgreSQL with support for Entity Framework, NHibernate, and LinqConnect (LINQ to PostgreSQL) ORMs, secure connections, notifications etc.

  • DbSchema Icon
    Wise Coders(Free Trial)

    Complete solution for managing SQL and No-SQL databases using visual design, data and query tools, documentation and reports.

  • MySQL Workbench Icon

    A unified visual tool for database architects, developers, and DBAs.

  • dotConnect for Oracle Icon
    Devart(Free Trial)

    ADO.NET data provider for Oracle with both OCI and direct connections and support for Entity Framework, NHibernate, and LinqConnect (LINQ to Oracle) ORMs.

  • dbForge Studio for MySQL Icon
    Devart(Free Trial)

    Universal GUI tool for MySQL and MariaDB databases administration, development, and management with wide range of features.

  • Toad Data Modeler Icon
    Quest(Free Trial)

    Powerful database modeling and design tool that is built for the individual developer, DBA and data architect.

  • MySQL Icon

    The world's most popular open source database.

  • Full Convert Icon
    Spectral Core(Free Trial)

    The easiest way to convert your database, Migrate your database effortlesly. Copy all your table data, indexes, foreign keys - and more!

  • MongoDB Icon

    Document database with the scalability and flexibility that you want with the querying and indexing that you need.

  • dotConnect for MySQL Icon
    Devart(Free Trial)

    An enhanced ORM-enabled data provider for MySQL.

  • Exportizer Icon
    Vitaliy Levchenko(Freeware)

    Free database export tool with simple compact interface.

  • SQLite Icon

    Self-contained, high-reliability, embedded, full-featured, public-domain, SQL database engine.

  • SQLite Expert Icon
    Coral Creek(Freeware)

    A powerful administration tool for your SQLite databases.

  • Firebird Icon

    A true open-source relational database.

  • Aqua Data Studio Icon
    AquaFold(Free Trial)

    Aqua Data Studio is productivity software for Database Developers, DBAs, and Analysts.

  • SQL Server Management Studio Icon

    An integrated environment for managing any SQL infrastructure, from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database.